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European Centre for Interspiritual and Interfaith Encounters and its founder, Sheikh Eşref Efendi

Sheikh Eşref Efendi is the founder and spiritual head of the Sufi Centre Rabbaniyya, headed by "Der Wahre Mensch e.V.", a non-profit organisation. The main mission of his work is to show how the Sufi teachings of Islam are incorporated in daily life and people from all nationalities, from all religions and spiritual backgrounds, no matter what age, origin or gender, can profit from them.

Charity, compassion, tolerance, and the path to divine love are the main principles of his teachings; methods are Sohbet (spiritual speeches) and Dhikr (chanting and reciting meditation) and this way has been followed by all Sufi masters throughout the centuries.

In 2003 he was ordered by his master, Grandsheikh Maulana Sheikh Nazim Al Hakkani Al Rabbani, to expand his activities and give teachings to everybody, who shows any interest in following a spiritual path or needs help with daily life challenges.

Prior to 1998 he had initiated charity projects after the Bosnian War, when Sheikh Eşref Efendi and some of his students went to Bosnia to offer humanitarian aid and assistance to people there, for example in reconstructing the partially destroyed mosque and the mausoleum of 13th century saint Sari Saltuk Baba.

Since 2010 "Der Wahre Mensch e.V." also supports the charitable work of the Naqshibandi community in Damascus, Syria, that feeds over 1.000 people in need on a daily basis. Their work continues to this day, when it is needed more than ever.

Sheikh Eşref Efendi is a well-known and respected public figure, who is participating as a peace embassador at numerous peace conventions, representing the peace perspective of Islam in the Sufi tradition. At the World Peace Forum in Florianopolis, Brazil, for example he gained great appreciation by the whole audience for his call to build a United Nations of Religion.

In addition, his official representatives are participants and initiators of interfaith peace projects in Berlin, Germany; such as numerous projects of the initiative circles that followed the call to an interfaith dialogue launched by the Berlin Senate.


Selected co-operational partners:

Shaman Gerardo Pizarro, Peru
Hare Krishna Sacinandana Swami, Germany
Domo Geshe Rinpoche, USA
Tian Gong Master Tianying, Germany
Reuven Moskovitz, Israel
Faruk Dilaver, Turkey
Thomas Schimmel, 1219-Religions- und Kulturdialog, Germany
Dominicus Rohde, Schengen Peace Foundation, Luxembourg
Sufi Ajmal Nizami, India


Places of pilgrimage:

Mecca, Medine, Syria (Damascus), Cyprus, Turkey, Bosnia, Macedonia, Switzerland, India, Morocco, Uzbekistan, Israel



Sheikh Eşref Efendi: Trinke aus der Quelle der Weisheit. New Ottomans Verlag, Köln 2004

Sheikh Eşref Efendi: Schlüssel zur Pforte der Schöpfung. Pro Business Verlag, Berlin 2006





Feride Funda G.-Gençaslan, Sufi-Muslima and CEO of the Sufi-Centre Rabbaniyya, Der Wahre Mensch e.V. - The True Human, a  non-profit organization, founded by Sheikh Eşref Efendi on behalf of Grandsheikh Mevlana Sheikh Nazım El-Hakkani Er-Rabbani, the 40th Grandmaster of the Naqshibandiyya Rabbaniyya Order with his main spiritual centre in Cyprus.

She is working as an official representative and participates and initiates interfaith peace projects in Germany; such as numerous projects of the initiative circles that followed the call to an interfaith dialogue launched by the Berlin Senate.

Within the free services offered by the Sufi Centers, she is an expert giving seminars and workshops on Sufism and Islam at several educational establishments of any age. In addition, she helps to establish networks and giving advisory services for charities on getting in contact with Muslim migrants and refugees. This includes the organisation, co-organisation and participation in interfaith and intercultural events and projects in Germany and worldwide, such as the latest event at the World Peace Forum in Florianopolis, Brazil, where she accompanied Sheikh Eşref Efendi. 


Feride Funda Gençaslan - 0049 178 204 52 80

Shaykh Eşref Efendi


Sheikh Eşref Efendi ist Sufi-Meister aus der Schule des ehrenwerten Naqshibandiyya-Ordens, (* 1964 in Mersin/Türkei), lebt seit 1972 in Berlin/Deutschland und wurde 1995 von Maulana Sheikh Muhammad Nazim Adil al-Qubrusi al-Rabbani autorisiert in der Tradition der Naqschbandi-Tariqa als spiritueller Wegweiser und Seelentherapeut zu dienen.

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13:22 ...von dem, was Wir ihnen beschert haben, geheim oder offen Spenden geben ...


Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
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Mit Ihrer Spende ermöglichen Sie uns sowohl die Fortsetzung unserer Arbeit, die in allen ihren Facetten der Entwicklung zum wahren Menschen dient, als auch Ihnen die Gewissheit, in den Augen unser aller Schöpfers, etwas Gutes für das Leben auf dieser Erde beigetragen zu haben.

Ob eine einmalige oder regelmäßige Spende - Sie werden den Segen des Herrn erhalten. Das ist ein Versprechen des Herrn selbst.

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