Sultan-ul Arifin Bayazid Al-Bistami (qs)
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Sheikh Eşref Efendi on the path of the Prophets and Saints:

Sultan-ul Arifin Bayazid Al-Bistami (qs) |

Naqshibandi Saints Tour in Khorasan, December 2017

"I've found God through God and I've come to know everything else through the light of God."
~ Bayazid Al-Bistami (qs)

Also known as Abu Yazid Taifur ibn 'Isa ibn Sorushan al-Bistami, he was born as grandson of a Zoroastrian man in Bistam, northeastern Persia, where he also died between 261-264AH (874-877). His burial place is still there (see attached photos).

As the founder of the mysticism of love in Sufism, Bayezid Al-Bistami is known for his audacity to express the state of total dissolution in the Divine Unity. Particularly, the description of a journey to heaven (a reference to the Assumption of the Prophet sav) was intensively elaborated by the work of post-authors and it influenced greatly the way of thinking of the generations after him.

Bayazid Al-Bistami told once his disciples:
"God the righteous called me to him saying:
"O Bayazid, how did you rise to My presence?"
I answered, "By Zuhd, by renouncing to this world."
He said, "This world has the value of the wing of a Mosquito. With which renouncement did you come? "I declared," O God, forgive me. "
Then I tried: "I came through tawakkul, by trusting you."
He then said again, "Didn't I kept the promises I've given you?" I answered, "Oh God, forgive me."
Then I confessed, "O God, I came to you through you."
Now God said: "Now we accept you."
Yahya-e Mu'adh asked: "By the sublimity of God, give me a part of the gift given to you on that night."

Bayazid Al-Bistami replied: "If you were given the excellence of Adam, the holiness of Gabriel, the friendship of Abraham, the yearning of Moses, the purity of Jesus, and the love of Muhammad, your desire would still not be satisfied. Your desire would be to get more than what exceeds everything. Keep on with your high vision and don't leave it; wherever you go, it will hide you."
Bayazid Al-Bistami was over 70 years old when he died. Shortly before his death, someone asked his older.
He replied: "I'm four years old. During seventy years I was veiled, and I was able to free myself from my concealment since only four years. "

Bayazid Al-Bistami received the secret of the Honourable Naqshibandiyya from the Grandsheikh Imam Jafar As-Sadiq (qs) and he became the 6th Grandsheikh of the Golden Chain. After him, he passed the secret to Grandsheikh Abul Hassan al-Kharqani qs.

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