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Sufi Way to Peace Tour India // In Jodhpur Newspaper

05. 11. 2018



In Jodhpur Newspaper


*Regardless of whatever your Religion is, Remember your Lord : Sheikh Efendi*

*Jodhpur @ Patrika News:* Berlin's Sufi Centre Rabbaniyya's Turkish Descendant 's Spiritual Teacher and Leader(Pathfinder) of the Naqshbandi Silsila, Hazrat Sheikh Eşref Efendi along with his 12 followers visited the Maulana Azad Hind University situated in Jodhpur. 


In Marwar Muslim Education Board and Welfare Society's Maulana Azad Auditorium, They had a seminar where they talked about Sufism's Message and Efendi said "Regardless of whatever your Religion is, Remember your Lord and Worship your Lord and service his people and should be kept in touch." 

He has spread the message of sufism worldwide along with the message to Pray for Love and Peace and he Himself prays for it. In the seminar, Padmashri Awarded Professor Akhtarul Vasey said, "In India, Many Famous Sufi Descendants are there and India from a kind is the Capital of Islamic Sufism."

Society's Treasurer Mohammed Atik showed his gratitude. Delegation's helper Nawab Khan said that, "Sheikh Eşref Efendi along with his Delegation started "The Sufi Way to Peace" mission. Nowadays, he is on his Indian Leg of the tour. This delegation with his 11 members will visit Delhi, Srinagar, Kashmir, Jaipur, Ajmer, Nagore, Jodhpur and Mumbai to spread the message of Sufism. Currently, they are at the last day of there 4 days visit to Rajasthan in Jodhpur. 

The Germany situated delegation visited the Mufti Azam Rajasthan Asfaq Hussain Nayeem's Tomb(Grave) and read Fatiyah.


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