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World Alliance of Religions | Korea 2014 (14. 09. 2023)

World Alliance of Religions: Peace Summit 2014

This year's summit is called “World Alliance of Religions for Peace” and will take place on 17-19 September 2014 in Seoul, South Korea. People from all region and sectors will gather and discuss about their role as a leader. Also, there will be ample chance to connect with not only other youth groups from around the world but media, influential women’s organizations, presidents (past and present) and religious leaders from across the globe.

The International Peace Youth Group is a non-governmental youth organization that works for the peace and currently consists of 251 affiliated organizations in 72 countries. IPYG is working to become a platform where all youth will be able to meet and encounter one another in a meaningful way, and go on to make a positive and lasting change in the lives of people we meet and the community we live in. 


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