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"The Legacy of Mawlana" Exhibition at the Humboldt Forum (17. 09. 2022)

Mawlana Sheikh Mehmed Adil An-Naqshbandi visits the exhibition "The Legacy of Mawlana" at the Humboldt Forum. A collaboration between the Sufi-Zentrum Rabbaniyya and the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation.

Ceremonial opening of Mawlana's Legacy exhibition at Berlin's Humboldt Forum with the 41st Grand Sheikh of the Naqshbandiyya Aliyyah Order, Mawlana Sheikh Mehmed Adil An Naqshbandi Ar Rabbani q.s.
Alhamdulillah ve Shukrillah it was a blessed meeting with a guided tour through the Ethnological Museum to our showcases. After the presentation of our collaborative projects "Aspects of Islam", especially the mystical dimensions of Islam, we started our programme with the recitation of Surat Fetih (Noble Holy Quran) and continued with a great Sohbet address by Mawlana, Dhikr and Sufi music and whirling dervishes. This opening was also blessed by many wakeels and students of Mawlana who had travelled from all over the world. Thank you all for your support.
This ceremony concluded with the viewing of the Sakal-ı Sharif, the whiskers of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.
Dhuhur prayer and a strong hadra in the great hall of the Humboldt Forum was then the grand finale.
May Allah Azza ve Jalla bless this exhibition and thereby fill many hearts with love, tolerance and peace for all people and all creation.


Photo: © Michaela Weber |

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