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"Inner Journey" in Sufiland (31. 01. 2020)

"Inner Journey" in Sufiland - A photo series by Janine Baechle
"As meditation gains popularity in the West, sciences such as medicine and psychology are also increasing their research. Current studies prove that meditation not only is able to alter brain structure, affect mood and improve health conditions, but also has an impact on prolonging life. The various forms of meditation can be distinguished by active techniques such as qigong, yoga and Sufi whirling or passive techniques that are practiced in a sitting position. The aim of all meditation forms is to change one’s state of awareness through concentration or other techniques by distancing oneself from external and internal stimuli.
Essential to this body of work was not only the documentation of diverse cultures, meditation locations and techniques but also the representation of the subjective meditation experience. In this process the act of photographing became itself a meditative exercise."


© Janine Baechle

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