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The Holy Night of Rajab

29. 03. 2017

29th and 30th Marc


im Sufizentrum »Sufiland«
Sankt Margarethen Str. 2
78253 Eigeltingen-Reute
Telefon: 0177. 785 4073



The Holy Night of Rajab


Wednesday, 29th of march, inshaAllah, the holy month of Rajab will start. This is the first of the 3 holy months: Rajab, Shaban, Ramadhan. We wish all people Rajab mubarak, may Allah send many blessings to us our beloved Mawlana Sheikh MehmetAdil ar-Rabbani qs and his family!


In the night from Thursday to Friday is the holy night of Rajab.We will celebrate this night with Khatme Khajagan Dhikr and with a special prayer. You can join us by watching Livestream on Thursday, 30th of march at about 9 pm,






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