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Rashtriya Sahara Daily Urdu Newspaper, Delhi Edition

27. 01. 2020

Today's Rashtriya Sahara Daily Urdu Newspaper, Delhi Edition...


“In order to make purify society, it is necessary to spread the teachings of the saints throughout the entire world.”


This is the central message of Sheikh Eshref Efendi Naqshbandi Rabbani from the Sufi Centre Rabbaniyya of Germany and other participants who expressed their views in the 10th Urs E Sajidi.

“It is imperative that we follow the teachings of saints and spread their message all over the world to clean the atmosphere and to solve the problems faced by Muslims on a global scale, to breathe the Islamic spirit into new generations and to purify the society from the Lost of values.”


Sheikh Eshref Efendi Naqshbandi from Germany expressed these views in the 10th Annual Urs Celebration of a leading sufi, Hazrat Maulana Syed Sulaiman Ali Sajid Naqshbandi Chishti Qadri Dehlvi, held at Dargah Fatima Bi in Delhi.

He also adviced us that it is a must for us to do Dhikr of Allah to purify our faith, self-purification and to purify our hearts. He said that for the believer Dhikr is the alchemy which enlightens the human being both on the inside and outside and fills us with the light of faith. We can only find these practices in the courtyards of saints."


Sufi Way To Peace Tour 2020 INDIA

Speaking the Language of Peace by Sheikh Eşref Efendi

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